Bicycle Travel Trailer

Welcome To The Grasshopper Shopper Bike Trailer

We have combined the green energy of peddle power with the sustainable materials of hemp canvas and bamboo to craft The Grasshopper bike trailer!

The Grasshopper Shopper is a bicycle trailer ideal for trips to the market, picnics and all kinds of fun adventures! It easily detaches from the bike and can be pulled through the farmers market using the market handle. The kickstand provides stability when loading and unloading provisions. The Grasshopper bike trailer makes shopping by bike a joy!

Grasshopper bike trailers are built locally in Minnesota, the materials used in manufacturing are durable and sustainable in nature.

Bicycle Travel Trailer Bicycle Travel Trailer

The Grass-hopper Shop-per / grás-hop-er shop-er ; noun:

1. A durable bicycle trailer, innovative in design, constructed with renewable resources, manufactured locally in Minnesota for people who are committed to nature conservation and supporting local economies.

2. A really cool bike trailer built with a great capacity for adding fun and adventure to bike travel everywhere!